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A young man's fancy turns to love.

The Magnolia's are in bloom. Took the photo from the bus, yesterday. A beautiful magnolia tree in full bloom, in Chelsea, in March. Didn't notice the couple in the foreground until I uploaded the pics from the camera. That's what Spring's all about.

qkellie Thought you'd be interested in the interior shots from Carlyle's House. They're on the same photo album.
irishnoodles Your icon is Peter, you ninny. I used the photo you sent me years ago. To log in, just click *comments*, then at the top right hand side of the nextpage, enter your username and password that I sent you. click *login*. On the next page, click in the circle beside *never* for logout purposes and then click the *save* at the bottom of the page. You will then be able to use your Peter icon. (What a cat eh?)

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