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Some live journal entries are still missing. This is one of them.

There are wild boar in the forest around the Lilac apartment. On our
afternoon walk up the final kilometre to the Casa Monaco, we hear pig-like
snuffling from the gorge below us. The snuffling turned to sharp grunting
and subsided only after we'd past the little grotto with the waterfall that
cuts beneath the roadway at several points as the old stone track winds its
way up the side of the hill. We heard them the other night snuflfing and
banging around in the garden below us. Above the Casa Monaco, the track is
suitable only for trail bikes and trekkers, two of whom stayed one night in
the apartment beneath ours, La Pietra Grezza.

Monday 8th we went to Arrezzo, a beautiful medieval town about 60km south of
our apartment. We parked in the underground car park beside San Augustino
and walked the Old Town as far as the Piazza Grande. The tourist office was
closed from 1pm-3pm so we navigated via wall maps at various points around
the centre.

The climb up to the Piazza Grande was nothing compared to the
walks we've been taking daily from our apartment overlooking the Val
Umbroso. We returned to the car about two hours later, minutes ahead of the
approaching rainstorm catching glimpses of lighting zig-zagging between the
14th century buildings lighting the black sky dramatically as we made our
way back down the hill. We moved the car to the next street and parked
beside the Roman Amphitheatre, hoping the rain would soon clear and we could
give Loony GSD her walk in the park. It was not to be, so we drove to the
hypermarket and did the shopping for the next few days, vowing to return to
take in the sights we'd missed such as Vasari's house.

Pics from the return visit

Pic 1. Petrach's House - we never found Vasari's.
Pic 2. The grand square - can you believe they hold the jouting tilts on this slope?
Pic 3. The Fountain in the corner of the grand square - MWNN resting after the climb.
Pic 4. The street leading from the station to the grand square.

On arriving back at the apartment we realised that MWNN had mislaid the
camera, probably at the cash desk in the car park at Arrezzo. I'd taken lots
of photos so we are keeping our fingers crossed that it will still be there
when we return tomorrow to finish our tour of the town. Whatever the
outcome, we're seriously contemplating booking MWNN into a 'rest home for
the bewildered' as this is the second important item he's mislaid on this

There's good news on the first item - it arrived this morning safely
boxed up. The parcel arrived Cash on Delivery basis and cost only 14 Euros.
The toiletries in my wash bag would have cost over £30 to replace, the
backpack itself around £40, and then there's the irreplaceables such as the
Vodaphone and Ipod manuals. I'd asked the hotel at Allessandria to remove
the heavy items, my bath robe and two coffee flasks. They'd even emptied the
flasks and packed them inside the backpack. The flasks make wonderful
teapots and coffee pots, keeping the liquids as piping hot as when they were
made until we've drunk the last drop.

Good news from the Capitaine at Pont de Vaux, he says the electrics are fixed.
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