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Postcards from abroad

Deborahw37 tells me she has received her postcard. I hope the ones I wrote to Bogwitch and Voodootx also make it through. I'd taken them into Arezzo on the day we had the marvelous lunch and inadvertently left them on the table in the trattoria. They were all written up, addressed and stamped and obviously posted by The Major Domo who spoke wonderful English - goodness knows what he made of the text. I don't have myfeetshowit's snail address. Would you send it to my patvharris address please S.

Today is another day of rest. MWNN fell asleep in the armchair last night after all that pavement pounding in Siena and traffic holdup and was still there at 3.30 this morning. We could have done with one of Boggy's hover cars and pitied the poor workers who were stuck in the even longer jam going the opposite way to us. At least wew could have a 'lie in' this morning and didn't have to face the comuter run at the beginning of a working day.

We are agreed that we're not in Italy for the 'kiss me quick' souvenier experience of the major tourist spots so are planning a short shopping trip to our nearest town, Incisa to stock up on dog food and possibly supper in the little trattoria in the village of Burchio. Poor Loony GSD got short rations last night but she raised a paw for returning to Siena if it means a late supper of panini and ham at the end of the day. She was outvoted.
Tags: italian adventure

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