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Repeat of rejected email entry

The Lilac Apartment is 50 minutes from Florence by bus, a white knuckle ride for each 100 metres of
the 12 kilometres from Cellai to the Railway Station in the centre of the

On Saturda 6th, we took the 11.20 bus, leaving Loony GSD with our landlord,
Alberto. This was no tourist visit but a 'business' trip to buy the electric
adapters and phone the Capitaine to check the progress with the boat's
electrics (The electrician is so busy he can't even look at them for 2 weeks.
We weren't the only ones to suffer from the attack of power in the marina, it

MWNN also needed a pair of Zamberlain boots - made in Italy but we can't buy
them anywhere in Florence. We walked out feet off trying to find the only
trekking shop in the town, saw the Duomo from the outside, ate an expensive
lunch too close to the central tourist spots, and had the bejeesus frightened
out of us by a group of Brits/Australians who'd ridden into town with us. The
lead Scot picked up a rumour that our return bus (17.35) was cancelled. Any
time MWNN asked the Fat Controller of buses a question he looked as if his ulcers were giving him gyp.

Not wanting to wait, standing in full sun for an hour to the next bus, we set
off in search of a café. We'd been unable to get any sense of the bus
supervisor. As we passed the only one on the block (closed) I spotted the full
bus timetable and checked it. The 17.35 was followed by the 18.15. It was now
17.25 and I glanced back at the bus stop. There was the 17.35, sitting waiting
for us.

Beware Italian bus drivers who speak with forked tongue.

Tonight - Sunday 7th, we met the tenants of the Lemon Terrace (top floor of the
4th Century castle across the track from us). The Lemon Terrace was the
apartment I wanted originally but the Americans (Don, his wife Cathy, mother
Martha, daughter and daughter in law) who have it are on a 6 month let which
began in January. Don has left his dogs behind and misses them so he spent a
long time playing with Loony GSD. The signal from the wi-fi system in the Lemon
Terrace is excellent in my bedroom of the Lilac Apartment. Unfortunately, it's
a LAN so is no use to us. We have invited Don and his family over for drinks
early next week, as Don's (an academic on sabbatical from Michigan University)
mother returns home to the States on Wednesday, and his daughter and daughter-
in-law on Tuesday.

This is a repeat of an entry that was rejected by Livejournal's email gateway.
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