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has eaten the post I made a couple of days ago about hearing wild boar in the forest around the Lilac Apartment.

We are back in Arrezzo today. The camera is found and, thanks to myfeetshowit's advice, the tick was removed shortly after its discovery. The first attempt left the head embedded so MWNN performed minor surgery with his Swiss Army knife and dig out the remaining lump.

The way down to the Valley is blocked off by roadworks to the bridge crossing the motorway, so our route deviated along the thin mountain road for an extra 5 miles. At one point we came to a hairpin bend that we thought ended in a farmyard. A huge hairy goat was lying in the middle of the road so, convinced that we had come the wrong way, MWNN backed the car into a field entrance and walked up to look for the correct route. It lay past said hairy goat. He was 'protected' by his missus and a ferocious Jack Russel but a few sharp blasts on the car horn had him running for safety.

We have walked the GSD around the Roman Ampitheatre in Arrezzo, visited the church of St Francis, listened to the music students practicing at the Petrarch Lycee and are now on our way to view the Cathedral. Lunchj was in a small trattoria with Mama's pasta for starters and a wonderfully fragrant breast of chicken with anise, rosmary and bay for main course.

All is well. We are enjoying Tuscany enormously, despite the hairy journeys to and fro the appartment.

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