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All is not well with the boat.

We arrived on Thursday to hear that the pontoon we are moored at suffered a massive surge to its electricity supply earlier this year. It damaged other boats' electrics and seems to have killed our battery management system. The result? We have 3 dead batteries and no means of bringing 22volts aboard. Without battery power we can't run the water pumps or the gas boiler. So we have just spent two nights aboard without running water, heating, or lighting. On the plus side, we did have a working gas stove, a tap at the pontoon where we could fill the kettle, and a working loo.

Our problems paled into insignificance as we learned of the death of one boater, various broken limbs of others, the Capitain at the Marina had a heart attack and is still looking really ill, two boaters' mothers have died and another's brother. What's a little inconvenience compared to all that?

I'm posting this from the Etap Hotel at Annemasse - just across the border from Switzerland, where we have stopped for the first of our 'overnights' on the way to Florence. Tomorrow we use the Mont Blanc Tunnel and head for Allessandria where we do the second stop. It's cold up here, so I packed a hottie and extra fleece blankets.

Off now for a cuppa, a shower and a siesta before an early evening meal.

A bientot mes amis.
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