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Water flowing underground
same as it ever was
Mother's Day 
25th-Mar-2003 06:12 pm
knitting sketch
Experienced a moment of panic as I came back from dropping MWNN off at the station. Called into the local petrol station to buy milk (And you thought Andrew was stupid asking for toothpaste at the butcher's? It has a mini groceries' shop attached.) There at the pay desk, was a rack of *Mother's Day* cards. Aaaargh - completely forgot to order the spring bouquet flowers-by post-from Jersey, like I normally do.

*Rush home.* Dial-in. Past the last date for delivery in time. *damn*

* Rack brain.* choc express who I have used many times before. *whew* - delivery asap=3 days. *cheers*.

So, Mum is going to get the

Hope the sainted daughter has something like this planned for me

*breath sigh of relief* - Then, foolishly,

*check bellefleur* again for flowers for Mum's birthday in May.
*growl* - They've updated the site. The last day for delivery is now tomorrow.

Shall I add the flowers? What do you guys out there think?
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