October 31st, 2010

hesadevil guitar

A Soalin' - Music for All Hallows' Eve

Happy Halloween.

Staying with the theme of yesterday's entry, I used to sing and play this version of 'soul cake' when I was a teenager. For some reason, it combines a song normally associated with Christmas with the All Hallows' Eve 'soul cake' rhyme and was  used for wassailing. Must do some more research on the origins of 'soul cake' rhymes.

A Soalin' by Peter Paul and Mary

This very traditional version (minus the Christmas addition) of 'soul cake' has been brought bang up to date by Sting. - ooh look a drum very like a bodhran but not a bodhran.

For some reason, Sting has reverted to his Geordie accent which might make it difficult for some people to catch the words.

Collapse )

A waiting' the Trick or Treaters

Who will get quite a fright from the 'serving skull'.

'Bob' is the anatomically correct skull I bought on e-bay for MWNN when he wanted a life-sized model for his drawings.

I think the children may have a difficult task persuading Bob to let go of his treats.