December 18th, 2009


Quote for the Day

Let other pens dwell on guilt and misery. Jane Austen

There's shedloads of snow out there. It started falling with serious intent about 30 minutes before the Red Hat Lady Singers finished their rehersal last night. I waved them off, fully expecting some of them to return looking for a bed for the night (how seasonal).

I fully intended to go to the Friday morning knitting group today. Really, honestly, I did. But one look at the amount of snow in the drive and the lack of traffic on the road convinced me it would be unwise. We're at the top of a hill and, while progress down would be relatively easy, I watched cars attempting the upward journey to the primary school next door, only to fail and reverse back down again, and was convinced of the folly of such a decision.

I stocked up on the basics a couple of days ago, so we are fine untul after the weekend. MWNN is clearing the snow from the conservatory roof, and I'm preparing to put food and water out for the birds.

It amuses me how weather always seems to take the English by surprise.