September 5th, 2009

red attitude

I'm shocked

Shocked, I tell you, by the results of yesterday's poll.

Before you vote today, read the poem that inspired the foundation of the Red Hat Society. I've chosen my name in the spirit of the Society.
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Hint My FList seems to be full of folk taking this way too seriously. Read the poem again. Then vote in the Tie-break (even though there wasn't a tie to break - Now you're getting it!)

Poll #1453480 Tie Break
This poll is closed.

What name have I choosen for use as a Red Hatter?

Countess Champagne de Chocolat
Dame Scarlett O'Boater
Lady Lavender Knitalot

Result - tomorrow.

Quote for the Day
Lead me not into temptation; I can find the way myself. Rita Mae Brown: