August 25th, 2009


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“I can't go back to yesterday - because I was a different person then” Lewis Carol

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Getting ready for the Tai Chi Retreat that begins on Thursday. I missed last year as I was very unwell.

This year I am determined to refresh my ablity in The Hand Form and finish learning the Sabre Form. I was getting the lungs in order when they suffered an unforseen setback last night. The neighbour's elder daughter gained 5 A grade A levels last week and was celebrating with friends in their garden. They had a wood fire going in the barbecue and were toasting smoking marshmallows. I was in bed early for once and the smoke came in through the open bedroom window. Eventually I twigged what was killing me and moved into the spare room at the front of the house.

Recovery was easier when I was younger.

Lungs are tricky things.