January 6th, 2009

stepping across the line

Make your own path.

If you constantly follow the steps of others, you will lose your way. Do not follow those who are not true guides, for if you do, you may be lost forever.

Today I be mainly baking and winter-warmer soup-making while MWNN dismantles the PC storage unit/desk and the wardrobe. The cleaning for the painting can then begin before the 'Designer' arrives to measure up for the new fitted unit.

First book of the year (Azincourt) finished over this morning's breakfast.
Amazon review
"'His best book yet. No one understands the experience of the common soldier better than Bernard Cornwell and in this gripping account of the Agincourt campaign, seen through the eyes of a simple archer, he tears away the gloss of legend to reveal the raw truth of medieval warfare in all its shocking brutality, filth and gore.'"
What I think
I don't agree that it's his best book to date but I agree with everything else. I like the way he always adds a historical note at the end where he outlines any changes or additions he made to the 'facts'.

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