August 18th, 2008

knitting sketch

Back, tired but happy, from

a second very successful Midimeet organised by writerconuk

Banner by kazzy_cee

It was touch and go whether I'd be attending as I was unwell on Thursday night. But, thanks to bogwitch's trusty steed (a very throaty MG), I made it with time to spare before registration at the Reading Novotel.

The journey from leafy Hertfordshire to The Thameside town, was made easier with the help of Bogwitch's Dad, TomTom - well his SatNav. Together we vanquished Batman on the M25 and sped cross-country down narrow A roads. All was well until we reached the town centre street leading to our hotel. There we encountered a very French 'Route Baree' sign, with no indications of an alternative route. I put my map-reading skills to the test and mapread through the one-way system, ignoring the SatNav Bint's instructions.

Collapse )

Unfortunately, I missed the final presentation 'Erotica', by our Chair, xanpet2000, because I was totally knackered and went downstairs for a rest on one of the 3B's Bar sofa's. On the way out, I met some of Collapse )

The serious business of the Meet ended with the AGM, where we elected a new Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary and made decisions about next year. Keep an eye on writerconuk for news and polls.

After a swim in the hotel pool, I just had time to change for dinner at Collapse )

Many, many thanks to mabel_marsters for the lift home, bogwitch for the lift to the venue and a wonderful goody bag, all the attendees who contributed to the programme, peasant_, just_sue and xanpet2000 for organising the whole thing. I had a wonderful time, despite being a bit under the weather. It was great meeting so many new (to me) LJ friends. See you all again next year.