April 11th, 2008

knitting sketch

E-bay to the rescue

I had a great time at the local knitting group last night, even though I didn't win anything in the raffle. One of my Ravelry friends showed me the way forward with the Victorian Shoulderette (I was stuck at the end of row 5) and group leader took a photo of the lace stole I finished last week. She's not a good photographer, went in much too close and the result is a blurred image.

So why e-bay to the rescue? I was debating whether I was going to bead the stole, as per the pattern, but decided a nice sparkly brooch might do just as well. I'd taken the brooch along to the KTOG and it was that which was the center of attention (and the blurred image). It's a vintage 1950s auroroa borealis brooch that reflects the colours of the yarn as well as its own. Here, have a look Collapse )

I don't think the stole needs any beads with all that sparkle.

While I was browsing on Ravelry, I found a link to a website that sells traditional shawl pins and ordered a big one in mother-of-pearl and wood. It it perfect for the chunky shawl that I wear at breakfast time.
Collapse )

Then, back on e-bay, I 'won' a chocolatiere gift set for £1.99, that I'd forgotten I was using automatic bidding to buy.

ETA The chocolatiere set arrived this morning. What a disappointment on opening the box to find the pot and one mug in pieces :(. This must have happened in transit because the vendor was offering free delivery if I collected it from him. I should have opted for that, as he's only about 30 mins south, by car.
Note to self Don't buy anything breakable on e-bay.

I really must stay away from e-bay, there's too much tempting stuff there. Thank goodness I haven't bookmarked the site and visit only when I receive an email telling me an item I'm watching is nearing the end of its time. (I'm not watching anything at the moment, not even posh yarn.)