March 27th, 2008

kitten cookie

I can haz smoothies

thanks to totkat and a new hand blender from Sainsbury's. This recipe (minus the ginger and sugar) will use up the mound of strawberries and bananas left over from the Easter weekend.

* 150g strawberries
* 1 medium banana
* 150ml orange juice (frozen)
* 75g set yogurt (frozen) -
* 10g root ginger (raw)
* 15g sugar

Break up the frozen ingredients a bit. Roughly chop strawberries, banana and ginger. Add all ingredients to a suitable container (probably a tall jug) and blend with a hand blender. Pour into a pint glass and add straws. Et voila! The ginger just gives it a nice kick.

Plus, I have the ingredients for some proper hot chocolate (chilli) - wiv cream.

And Two wooly parcels were posted this morning.