August 29th, 2006

knitting sketch

Packing is for wimps

We head back to the boat tomorrow and are really looking forward to getting in some sort of cruise this year. I haven't unpacked from the Tai Chi Retreat and yet I'm not too concerned - all will be well.

I think MWNN was somewhat impressed at the amount I'd learned on the Retreat and the fact that the First Part of the Form is almost automatic. He's also observed a great change in my posture and balance - you try standing on one leg with the other in the air while holding a 3 foot sword at head height.

One of the advance students had brought some home-made wooden swords that he loaned to people, and when he heard that MWNN wouldn't be able to purchase one in time, he gave me one. Though it was better than using a broom handle, the pommel was clunky and impossible to hold correctly, so MWNN drove me down to Wembly earlier today and I came back the proud owner of a telescopic, steel, practice sword.

Anywho - I haven't had enough time to catch up with my FList, I know I've missed some birthdays, and I'm going to miss some more. I'll try to update at least once a week if the mobile phone works with the laptop while in France.

irishnoodles is on five day weather-watch. It'd better stay dry for the next couple of months because there isn't enough room on a narrowboat to practice the Tai Chi hand form, let alone swing a sword.

See you all in about 6 weeks.