July 7th, 2006

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Italian Cooking

I thought I'd learned nothing to add to the cookery repertoire from our Italian Adventure. But I was wrong. Remember that lovely meal in the Tratorria in Arezzo? We had chicken breasts flavoured with anise and I'd stashed a couple of jars of dried anise in the suitcase to bring home. Prior to that, I thought anise was a lovely flavoured spirit beloved of the French.

I'd burned my hand while cooking pork in tarragon a couple of nights ago, so MWNN did the cooking last night and used some anise while frying some thinly sliced chicken breasts in butter. Served with pasta, it was wonderful. I'm cooking a huge chicken with roastie potatoes tonight and have laced them liberally with anise.

Another thing I'd discovered was a little tray of soft cheeses that I'd taken to the farewell do for the English speakers from 3 continents at Bisticci Castle. I'd forgotten to include them in the last update of pics. The selection begins with those taken on the first evening when we all got to know one another, earlier in the month.

Pic 1 Castello di Bisticci.
Pic 2 Barry hangs out.
Pic 3 Barry and MWNN bond over a glass of the red stuff.
Pic 4 Cathy and Hesadevil (seated) chill out near the fridge.
Pic 5 Theresa and Judy keep warm by the fire.
Pic 6 Ferrying food to the farewell do. It's a long way down to the terrace.
Pic 7 Don in formal Host mode.
Pic 8 Don and Judy getting into the spirit - and the Prosecco.
Pic 9 The men's corner - Barry and Don (MWNN was ill in bed)- look over that parapet at how high up we were.
Pic 10 The men and women (in the gazebo)always separated at these gatherings - one of the reasons I didn't much care for them.
Pic 11 View from the Castle terrace.

Sainsbury has the cheese selection - look for a tiny tray with ovals of flavoured soft cheese (topped with pepper, sun-dried tomato, herbs) and little toothpicks. They're yummy and save a hell of a lot of time on the preparation as there is none.
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