October 21st, 2005

cruising log

WTF? I thought we WON Trafalgar

MWNN has been prescribes ear drops that say do not use if a perforated drum is suspected. After a surreal series of phone calls to the surgery, (can't pre-book appointment for the following day, can have one in November; it's an emergency - told to phone before 8.30 in morning; phone before 8.30 phone engaged; finally get through, all appointments gone.)MWNN eventually got an appointment and was seen this afternon, first of all by two medical students to whom he reported all that the French medic (walk into the surgery in France and he was seen within minutes, given a full checkup, told the ear was infected and the drum perforated, prescribed antibiotics - he lost some on the journey home - ear not recovered - hence the need for another appointment) had told him. The English doctor supervising the students was the one who failed to diagnose a ruptured ovarian cyst that almost carted me off with the Grim Reaper 10 years ago - and he prescribed drops that cannot be used

Feel better now so on with the cruising log - the final days Collapse )

Still seething a little at having to cancel the theatre trip on 29th - I knew I'd be in no state to have a weekend away after the builders had been. There's stuff and more stuff all over the house and yet I can't find anything. And as for shopping - it took a day to defrost the fridge freezer (whose bright idea was it that you can't do the freezer separately from the fridge that doesn't need defrosting?) There's no working larder anymore and where are all the cans and bottles to go? Who'd've thunk that having a garage converted into a study/library would affect the kitchen so badly.