September 7th, 2005

cruising log


We opened up the boat at 4pm yesterday, after a lovely lunch stopover in Tournous where I had the first salad chevre chaud of the season, followed by sirloin and vegetables and topped off with a sinful pear desert; pears in hot mouse set on a chocolate sauce and caramelised with the trusty blow torch.

The boat was as sweet smelling as ever after its year of neglect. I'd filled the laundry box with lavendar mite repellent so the sheets and towels are particularly fragrant. Can't say the same for the dogs who managed to turn the floor into a muddy quagmire within minutes.

We unloaded the car in a thunderstorm and have spent the best part of today stowing things away and beginning the task of cleaning the dust and grime and evacuating the resident spiders. Today, after a cloudy start, we now have 31 degrees inside the boat and 42.6 on the front deck.

Market day today but by the time we'd replaced Killer Terrier's broken harness and done the basic supermarket shop, most of the stalls were packing up to go at noon.

JennyLyle - sad to report there is no sign of Kilo's gift on the front deck, although the two camping chairs, mops and brushes remain untouched.
ETA Gerard reports that the gifts were taken into safe keeping by 'English speakers'. Could this be Hazel and Peter?

A reminder - though comments are on, I cannot receive any.

I may not to be able to update regularly as my virus checker was only half way through its updating when I had to disconnect - it was already at 18 minutes and at £1.80 per minute is a tad expensive.