August 26th, 2005


I HAVE been quiet for a while, haven't I?

Seems I had a bad dose of the chesty during the days I went off for the intensive Tai Chi. I let my anger at a remark from MWNN about "feeling ill just before we're about to head boatwards again", get the better of me and pushed myself to complete the full course. The result - polaxed in a way I haven't been since taking early retirement after years of frequent bouts of pneumonia/pleurisy/pneumonia. The medic was quite surprised to see me and remarked 'you haven't had one like this for about 10 years'.

While I was ill, I

received orchids from calove (they're still looking beautiful on the bookcase beside my bed)

received packages from makd that I've just started reading

seem to have lost the Muse good and proper

threatened the washing machine engineer with violence Collapse ) if he didn't come back and fix the damn thing he charged me an arm and a leg to repair two weeks ago.

Recovering slowly now and really looking forward to getting on the water some time next week after I catch up with the Flist.
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