August 9th, 2005

knitting sketch

The good, the bad . . .

and the bletch.

First the good
I finally gave in to MWNN's suggestion to switch to Mozilla, both on the laptop and the PC. When I went online today to have the second lesson in Helen Steven's Introductory Masterclass, instead of the real player window playing the lesson, (as it did under IE) it downloaded it to my PC. That means I can take the lessons with me to the boat if I want because they are now burned onto CD.

The Bad
The washing machine broke down two weeks ago. I made an appointment for a man to come and repair it last Friday. When he hadn't materialised by 2pm for a 'morning appointment', I phoned the company. They had no record of me or my appointment. I managed to get another firm to send someone out this morning. I now have a working machine again but my bank account is now £90 lighter.

I forgot to watch 'Deadwood' last night, which means I'm in for some late night viewing tonight and I really don't feel up to it.

The bletch
I have seen the Sock Monster and it's not pretty.. The reason why the washing machine was refusing to pump out was that there were two (non-matching, of course) socks (and a lot of other shredded ones) clogging up the filter that sits between the drum and the pump.

Add to that the fact that one glass of bubbly and a half pint of cider shandy at the weekend seem to have thrown me into a state of tharg with a touch of 'can't be bothered', and the bad and the bletch outweigh the good.
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