August 4th, 2005

For Us

Not just because I write fanfic -

OK - like uisge_beatha, mainly because I write fanfic and we writers are an endangered species and we've just lost one very talented one, that I know of, from my Flist. A few of us will, no doubt, soldier on until we've finished the WIP at least but there's not much incentive to continue after that.

So - if you're reading the stuff, do what Spike tells you -

I put Chapter 7 of Soul Searching up, yesterday - here and at Babblings and Fanfic. Headsup for writers who use Blondiebear. ceit tells me, it's been hacked, and she doesn't know when it'll be back or, nor what condition it will be in when it's restored.

On a different note, I experienced great frustration when I started the Introductory Masterclass design. The first 'lesson' demonstrated using stem stitch on the flower stalks and the mid veins in the leaves. This is a fairly easy stitch and I completely ballsed it up. MWNN suggested I practiced it, so I dug out a project I'd bought years ago and never got round to doing. Stem stitched the stalks as easy as pie on that one. The difference? Not the stitch, the thread. Stem stitch in cotton, can do it with my eyes closed (almost); with piper silks it's a bitch!

jennylyle You can see this because it's a public entry, any you can't see are friend's locked and/or filtered. (There were two between the last public entry and this one. I just unlocked them.) I've already taught you how to overcome the problem.
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