June 22nd, 2005

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It seems like forever

since I first posted about the delay to our trip to France.

But it's not - unless 60 days counts as forever in your numerical system.

We're booked into a hotel at Calais for tomorrow night and Troyes the following night. Saturday should see us safely aboard in Pont de Vaux and out of reach of the insane demands and threats that have battered us for the last 2 months (and are still continuing).

MWNN is attending a funeral today for one of his school colleagues. A former Old Boy and Head of Science at the school, who played a significant role in the Old Boys' Association and the Friends' of QE Association.

I'm using the day to finish the (re)packing, do the final wash loads, cook a chicken, and try to restore the balance that has been sadly lacking from my life recently. I'd forgotten how destructive anger can be when it has to be repressed over and over again.
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knitting sketch

Not an early post from the boat

But a response to txvoodoo's comment on the previous entry - May we all have healthy and peaceful times

And on that word healthy, we have decided against heading off tomorrow. I checked the five day forecast for Macon and the promised break in the very hot weather isn't happening any time soon. It's going to be almost 90degrees well into next week. Remembering what happened the summer of 2003 when thousands of people died in France (and here), we're not risking it. It almost killed me and the crew. (Have you ever tried to keep cool in a narrowboat where the heat has built up over a series of days and leaving the doors and windows open does nothing to alleviate the problem? Narrowboats are designed to keep the heat in in cold, damp English winters.) We're staying where we can keep cool until the weather breaks.

I raged against the decision, but only for a little bit. Once we'd taken our after dinner strawberries and ice cream and pot of tea in the cool shade of the trees in the garden, listened to the magpie calling to his mate and watched the swallows catching insects on the slight evening breeze, I mellowed to the notion. It's not as if we're losing money by not going now as we own our boat. We can go whenever we chose. We have cast aside the Irish Forces of Chaos that have hindered us. We are still masters of our fates, Still captains of our souls.
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