March 29th, 2005

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Happy Birthday staceyuk. I'm working on it, I'm working on it. These things take time.

While I was away, up North ('every planet has it's North' was one of my favourite lines from Saturday's Doctor Who.)

1. postie delivered a letter with gamiila's ticket for Islington.

2. The plot bunny struck again, with the opening paragraphs of the Sequel.

3. Preparations for the French trip got underway, just as the garage converstion has ground to a halt once again, due to overly-expensive estimates from the builder.

4. The Irish nephew got married in Cambodia.

5. MWNN took delivery of his new Palm, entered into extensive email communications with the company selling Britannica for it, didn't take delivery of his mp3 player, and broke a tooth.

The dentist called this morning, in response to the message left on the answering machine on Good Friday, and said he'd still have to wait for his appointment on 13th April, if he was suffering no more pain than he had been suffering. I doubt if he'd have been told that if he were a private patient; what happened to 'free medical care from cradle to grave'?
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