March 26th, 2005

knitting sketch

Mission accomplished

What a good thing I didn't buy a new DVD player for Mum's birthday. I had this feeling that her TV was VERY old and might not have the video and audio 'in' sockets. So I took my own player over this morning and, sure enough, the TV in the lounge has just an aerial socket in the back. I wished I'd taken Miggins up on the offer of her old VHS machine - at least Mum could play tapes on that, and record stuff if she wanted. Anyway, I'd brought a load of books that were on their way to the charity shop so we then spent a long time going through the pile. She's decided to keep them all and put them in a charity bag when she's finished.

After a nice lunch of tuna and wholemeal bread, I decided to head off back to Glossop. Just as I was about to leave, Mum announced that she has a portable TV in the bedroom and perhaps the DVD player might work with that? Sure enough, it has the required sockets and the player was soon up and running. I spent the next hour and a half trying to teach Mum how to use the remote but she really couldn't get the hang of it. Her problem is that she needs her specs to see what's on the TV screen but can't see the buttons on the remote with them on. She takes them off and presses the correct button but then can't see what affect that has had on the menu choices on screen. By the time she'd got her specs back on, she'd inadvertently brushed another button on the remote and set the player off on another menu.

So we finally setteld for using the controls on the DVD player itself. I got her to go through the whole process of powering up the machine, inserting the disc into the drive, starting the film, stopping the film, ejecting the disc, and powering everything off. It's a great pity as she won't be able to explore the extra features without mastering the remote. I think I'd need about a week to get her used to the controls and confident enough to use it., but I've left her pretty happy with three films to get her started; 'Howards End', 'Last Orders', and 'Love Actually'. I've a good idea of the films she hasn't yet seen so will be able to send her more for her birthday. Top of her list of 'must see' is 'Amadeus' and 'Topsy Turvy'.

Heading home tomorrow where poor MWNN is suffering with a broken tooth and none of the dental surgeries is answering their phones, it being Bank Holiday weekend.