January 26th, 2005

knitting sketch

More gets done when he's away.

Wonder why that is?

MWNN is in Dublin with the family Eugene O'Neill obviously took as his model. Meanwhile, back at Chez hesadevil:

. I gave my room a makeover:
* Created more space by rejigging most of the furniture.
* Bought new curtains and duvet cover for the bed.
* Reorganised the books and DVDs.
* Took down and washed old curtains.

. Baked a Bara Brith that will be ready in another hour - just in time for tea.

. Made some veggie soup with leeks, parsnips, onion, sweet potato.

. Cleaned the yard.

. Cleaned the living and dining room.

Not bad going for 1.5 days, huh?

Now I just need to update my fList and note certain birthdays.

everydayisfun, your card arrived late this morning and very pretty it is, too. I'm so glad you're enjoying the book. Uncle MWNN chose it especially for you.

jennylyle - now that I know your PC has a DVD player, I can make a goodies' box up with special stuff just full of Spikey goodness. In answer to an earlier question, your cheque for Narelle has arrived safely.
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