November 27th, 2004

knitting sketch

A bit early for Christmas isn't it?

You kidding? It's been in the shops and on the telly since before Halloween - long before.

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My True Love gave to me...
12 qkellies a-commenting.
11 chenanceous a-wailing.
10 kellyhks a-drumming.
9 ceitnicanguss a-calling.
8 estepheias a-ranting.
7 gottarhymes a-glaring.
6 bogwitchs a-staring.
5 emerald gamiilas.
4 laughing caloves.
3 Thai soulvamps.
2 hamster firewillows.
And a onetwomany in a kiwi tree.
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Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.

Posting this now because shhhhh! secret, There's a Twelve Days of Christmas fic in preparation that will start on Christmas Day. Yes I know the first day is Boxing Day but there's got to be a Prologue, hasn't there?

Oh no there hasn't.

Oh yes there has.

Oh no there . . .

The above script brought to our colonial friends courtesy of All you wanted to know about Panto and then some you didn't. Google for it Pantomime Dame should explain all.