November 2nd, 2004

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I promised more on the weekend and here it is.

My fairy godmother, in the guise of Lady Macbeth from CDS appeared on Friday night and said fear not, Cinders, you shall go to the ball.

Nice things happen to people who are nice to others, qkellie. I'd say a re-sized ring is a very nice thing.

A full ticket, for the cost of the Saturday night only one + hotel cost was mine, once Louise (one of the organisers) wrote a note from Miss telling the registration desk to allow me to register in place of the girl from St Helen's who couldn't make it. I wouldn't have got to Louise, if it hadn't been for the fact that rozk was on queue control when we arrived. Thanks Roz, I owe you one.

My memories of the weekend?

* The camaraderie of the CDSers. You Rock!
* The Q&A sessions with all the guests, particularly Luke Perry, about whom I knew nothing.
* The Writers' Panel, where Jane Espenson said writing for a TV series is writing fanfic, in answer to a quesiton about how she moved from fanfic to real writing. (You did brilliantly paratti intellegent answers to some complex questions, and in the teeth of a lot of noise. (does noise have teeth?) The editor from the Angel mag. looked terrified.
* The painfully hilarious alternative commentary to The Girl in Question. Go watch it again calove and pay particular attention to Spike's eye contact with a certain part of Illona's anatomy. James left David to it at one point, because DB was on a roll from the moment he made the comment Angel's just joined the Mile High Club - Oh, so has Spike. (The plane trip to Rome) JM joined in to do a fantastic spoof on Fred's parents bargaining with Wesley for something and beating him down to less than $25 or so. (Can't remember the details, I was in too much pain and in danger of peeing my pants.) Somebody should suggest this is incuded on the DVD as the unauthorised commentary - but I guess it's too late for that.
* DB's big kid mentality when on stage contrasting noticeable with his inability to relax for the photo shoots and autographs. The main is really shy.
* Hagan Daz ice cream will never be the same again.
* Juliet Landau becoming Drusilla in front of our eyes Look at all the pe-eeple. Are they nice people?
* JM deferring to DB on stage.
* DB saying his goodbye early, to allow JM to do the closing farewells.
* The lack of any noticeable friction between the two opposing fan bases.

Pics from the weekend are posted here

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