October 21st, 2004

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There was a severe weather warning today and we certainly had a lot of - weather. Gales to be precise. Had to check all the fences before letting the dogs out. Poor Killer Terrier hates the wind - and the rain. He's not a weather sort of dog at all.

Apart from weather, the only other thing I had today was the 'flu jab.

Feeling a bit sore now.

And tired - first night MWNN is away I never sleep well. It was cornflakes and tea at 5am. Then breakfast TV with more tea. Then set the alarm so I didn't miss the medical appointment at noon. I did miss the morning though. Didn't wake up until 11.30, so the dogs had to wait until the afternoon for their walk, which was a short one, due to falling branches and the risk of trees crashing down on the track.


Did anyone find Hex very slow to get off the ground  last night? I became very impatient with it and started channel-hopping from Sky Mix to Channel 5, where Matrix was playing. Ugggh! Didn't realise Matrix was so yucky.

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