October 20th, 2004

knitting sketch

The trouble is . . .

Saw MWNN safely to the airport, despite the fact that we were still chin wagging at the lunch table just 20 minutes before departure time for the car journey. He had what must be the fastest shower on record and threw things into his overnight bag without the usual careful counting of numbers of pairs of underpants and socks. Hope he has enough, otherwise that will be more money spent on things not really in need of replacement.

Remember my entry about us not shopping together because that way lies much indulging of the other? On the way back from the airport, I ordered the replacement curtains for our front room. Killer Terrier has just about shredded the old ones to pieces and a certain person who shall remain nameless has the spare pair that were specially made for that window. It's an odd size, our front room window, being all of 8 feet wide and 64" high. Ready-mades don't come in that length, so it's always a choice - buy ready-mades (72" drop) and have them shortened, or pay outrageous amounts to have them made to measure. So, with a budget in mind, I started at the ready-made shop.

There was a sale on

Not one, but two pairs of curtains have been purchased and money handed over for their alteration. All within the budget, mind you, as the sale was 50% off all ready-made curtains.

The curtains weren't an indulgence, then, I hear you thinking. Right! It was the milk frother that came with a Christmas gift set for Cappuccino-lovers that I spotted in Woolworths. I left my battery operated frother on the boat. Not that I need it for frothing the milk, for the person who shall remain nameless over the curtain-kidnapping incident has given me her Cappuccino machine - with frother. No - the battery operated one is for making salad dressing. It really does a good job.

Now, here I am with a gift set which includes a stainless steel chocolate sprinkler - and here's where the indulgence comes in. I want some chocolate topping to put in the sprinkler. Can I find Cappuccino topping in any of the supermarkets? Can I buggery. Even Waitrose is unable to help. If you want Cappuccino in this country, you either go to Starbucks (where they make a good one, I have to admit, but they put it in a mug which is so wrong for Cappuccino - all that lovely froth can't breathe), or you buy the instant stuff which is so full of sugar (even the no-sugar one is full of lactose)that it buggers up your sugar count for the day. So I went on-line and found a UK supplier. Problem is all the suppliers seem to be to the catering industry, and the real, dark chocolate topping on offer comes in 1kg bags. That's a lot of chocolate topping.

Do I really need topping for my Cappuccino?
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