October 19th, 2004

knitting sketch

It's that time of year again

when MWNN flies off to exotic parky Dublin to see his Ma; (he goes tomorrow)

the chimney sweep shoves the obligatory small child up the chimney;

MWNN gets out his axe to chop some of the neighbours' children's balls off for letting off fireworks 6 weeks ahead of Guy Fawkes Night the kindling; (Not so many fireworks this year - new ruling must be working.)

I do lots of pot roasts, casseroles and home made soup;

the snot just keeps running and running until it meets the concrete plug in the sinuses where it starts playing silly buggers with the balance, hearing and sensitivity of the teeth;

I drag the ironing board out of the retirement-home-under-the-stairs and iron everything in sight - oops, sorry killer terrier.

Been busy, busy, busy. So much so, that I forgot to watch Hex last night. Did anyone catch it? Any good?

ETA Just got notification e-mail. My LUCKY GORE-TEX BOOT by STONEFLY have just been shipped - Yay!
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