August 27th, 2004

knitting sketch

DWCon more pics and yesterday's Spike fest.

These are not the last, but they are eagerly awaited by the cast and crew of the Reduced Discworld Company who performed the complete major Discworld works (abridged by Suzi) in less than an hour. They really camped it right up to the top of . . . that very high place whose name still escapes me. As the performance was just before the closing ceremony, I covered it for the Chronical (the Con's daily newsheet) at the dress rehersal. I was the only person in the audience and managed to get a shot from each scene (some needed more than one shot). The two from Soul Music needed a re-take as I missed Death's entrance the first time around.

The winners from the Maskerade Parade are also here. If you look carefully at the Monstrous Regiment, you will see what swung it (pun intended) for them - Terry said it was the bloomers that did it

I had a great time in London yesterday with bogwitch, gamilla and calove. After a French lunch (lasted 3 hours) at The Bierdrome (yes I did remember to get your card stamped oh beloved daughter), we went on to lurk in many shoeshops and clothes stores. Remind me never to agree to do this again when gamilla is present. I ended up being parted from much-loved, hard-earned cash for a new pair of indigo coloured jeans from Gap.

I had a brief fan-girl squee moment when Calove told me that at Moonlight Rising, James had wondered why he was being asked to sign a picture featuring ASH. He must've thought I'd settled for him as ASH had pulled out due to other commitments. The thought that I'd settle for Spike's autograph, Aw - bless.

Right, finished the upload, back to bed. It seems whatever I caught at the Con. is doing the rounds. Hope you feel better soon felinitykat. You may need to get some medication from your GP if it doesn't clear up in the next day or two - I did!

Oh, nearly forgot with all the excitement - Happy Birthday estepheia I was going to write the chapter where Ethan sings for Lorne for your birthday but the sick head won't let me.
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