August 13th, 2004

pissed off

Why do they do it?

Manufacturers! Do they think that everyone wants to have the latest model? Don't they realise that some of us buy stuff that we like because it fits, suits the purpose for which it was designed, as well as because we like it?

I had a problem earlier this year with the sandals that I use as indoor shoes/slippers. Hotter, the manufacturer, no longer makes the style I want. They do a similar style - high velcro fastening above the ankle for support - but it has a wedge heel, I want totally flat sandal like the ones I'm wearing at the mo'. Now, I discover that Stonefly no longer does the Luzerna boot that I damaged on the cruise this year. They do a similar one but it has a square toe (who on earth are they designing for - aliens? No one I know has square shaped feet.) It also only has 3 eyelets, my Luzerna boot has 7.

Packing now for my sewing weekend. See you all when I get back on Monday. Have a great weekend y'all.

Happy flat-hunting bogwitch.

jennylyle I'll check that I've set your LJ settings to accept html in comments but I think your inability to see the drop down box to select the picture to use when you comment may have something to do with your browser settings, or perhaps your work PC setup has something to do with it. You are talking about when you make a comment on this page aren't you, and not when you try to do something by email? Do you want some Spikey goodness icons adding to your userpics for when you can use them? Oh, and I agree totally with the frustration of trying to teach you something without being able to show you what I mean.
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