July 5th, 2004

knitting sketch

? to Nevers

A 40 minute wait at the first lock put us into lunch time after lock number 2. At the sign on a bridge stating 'boulangerie, alimentation etc - 200m,' I sent MWNN
off in search of the mythical shops. I held the boat on the middle rope under the bridge to avoid baking in the sun while I waited. He came back muttering, dived into the boat and came up bearing a magic market. Reaching up to the sign, he crossed out the '200m' part and wrote '2km' above it.

The turn for Nevers takes you onto the Nevers canal, just 2.8km and two locks. The end of the canal has been concreted over and a swimming centre with 4 different pools and a plume slide has been built. Loony GSD is just dying to get into one of the pools, preferably all of them!

A short walk from the Port, and the Loire in all its glory lies below. It's a long walk into the town from the Port but there's electricity and water here and we are provisioned for tonight and tomorrow. I've just baked some bread and boiled eggs for tonight's salad composè.

I know that MWNN wants to visit the shrine of St. Bernadette but, if it's hot tomorrow, he'll have to go alone and leave me here to do the washing at the Capitainerie and keep the boat open and aired for the dogs.

Two locaboat hire boats are here, both with blocked toilet inlet valves (weed getting in through the mesh). Hope this doesn't put MWNN off having one fitted. He's sitting on the bank talking to two Swiss boaters who've been in port 5 days. They think it's time to move on and both agree that the town is much too far to visit on foot. By the time you get there, you're too tired to walk the town itself. Good thing the bakery is the first shop across the bridge, otherwise it's long date-stamped pain de mie for the remainder of our stay here.