July 2nd, 2004

knitting sketch

Beulon to Digoin

We are still here at Beaulon, at 11.30, because we were up until 2am talking last night. A very late breakfast was followed by helping a Dutch couple moor their barge behind us, filling up with water and making the boat ready for the off. It's only 2 km to the next lock, which will be closed from 12 to 1 for lunch, so there's no point in heading off until after 12.30. We probably won't make Decize today and will have to stay over the weekend to get all our business done - internat cafe, laundry, find a vacuum cleaner bag supplier who will order the ones we need for us to collect on the way back down, supermarket shop.

It's a good thing we managed to get Lesley to lunch with us yesterday. It was cloudy and overcast through the morning until after we'd finished eating, so we were able to lock the boat up and not worry that we'd return to 'baked dog'. Today started out hot, early and the weekend is going to be a scorcher.

MWNN has cruised for 6 hours without me, I'm suffering more after-wine ickyness and am off for an early bed with tea and asprin. He did call me up on deck to see a stork which was obviously blown off course in last week's storm.