June 27th, 2004

knitting sketch

Digoin stopover

Lesley can't come for lunch today or tomorrow, Hans, her German
neighbour, has guests until Tuesday, and I assume she has the 'overflow' in
her gite. Pity - we've had many recommendations to eat the the Hotel de
la Gare. It's cool enough to stay here for a while and do some serious
cleaning but not beyond Sunday. MWNN headed into town for a haircut and
has just returned with 'an appointment' at 12.30. The nearest baker is
a Banette baker who has introduced us to new varieties. Madame
recommended the banette aux lardons for MWNN's petit dejeuner and, on being
asked for the classic fruit loaf, produced her own speciality which
contains raisens, apples and nuts - not nearly so full of fruit as the bakers
in Auxonne, but delicious with yesterday's afternoon tea.

MWNN and I walked to the Place de Greve, overlooking the Loire, where
the first night of the Music Festival took place. We arrived just as the
local country dance troupe ended their final piece. Killer Terrier
begged to be lifted up so that he could see the proceedings over the crash
barrier (little short arse that he is). The dance troups made way for
the 'Rock Band' who, having opened their set respectfully with an old
'cream' number quickly deteriorated into 'French Pop'. Killer Terrier
became bored, despite the 'hip hop' practicing going on beside use on the
promenade wall.