June 24th, 2004

knitting sketch

Paray le Monial

< irreverence > The town where the Sacred Heart was invented and the economy of the town took a decided turn for the better as the pilgrims flocked to the shrine of Saint Marie who discovered it. < /irreverence >

Good shopping, nice mooring, lovely park for dog walking, what more could we ask for? Some quiet would be nice. The mooring is opposite some sort of factory which produces a carrier wave from its machines throughout the day, workers are removing trees in the park and erecting decking for some event or other - chainsaws and hammers are not my idea of country noises.

Stopped for lunch at one of the cleanest supermarkets I've even seen in France. We had proscuttio, melon, pate de fois salad with cold beer for MWNN and diet Coke for me. The bread is from the local Viennoise baker, a much softer, milkier baguette than banette.

Excitement just before MWNN left for his session at the Internet Cafe, the Sapeurs and Pompeurs came out and stopped all the traffic on the road opposite the mooring. They were rescuing a deer which had fallen into the canal. Just as I reached for the camera, the deer scrambled up the bank, unaided, and dashed off across the road, disappearing into a narrow alleyway.

We head for Digoin tomorrow and then? Wherever the mood takes us, perhaps on to Nevers, or across to Roanne. Wherever it is, this year has been so much better (sprained ankle notwithstanding) without the pressure of a schedule and time constraints. We are meeting LJ, a fellow Hollies 'girl' somewhere along this canal but, as she lives in the area and is mobile, there is no contraint as to where that will be. Must go now and give her a ring to see how she is fixed for coming to lunch with us one day soon.

Au revoir mes amis, until the next internet access.

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