June 23rd, 2004

knitting sketch

Genelard to Parais le Monial

Jenny had warned me that she would be coming aboard to say farewell at 8.15am. She knows that I am a fire breathing dragon at that ungodly hour but said she didn't care. Lindsey, sensitive bloke that he is, said "I'll cope". He was amazed when MWNN told him that we had stayed up until after midnight talking - he couldn't get his head round the concept that a couple who'd been together 35 years would do that, but he thought it was terrific. Elodie pulled away for their descent to Chalon at 8.30 and we gegan our cruise to Parais at 9.45.

It was a lovely, leisurely cruise - 8 locks and a good long 5km run between the final two - just the two of us looking forward to a shower, intimate dinner and early bed. Much as I love spending time with our cruising friends, including jennylye, I much prefer the time we have together - just MWNN and me. At home, we come together for the morning dog walk, lunch, dinner, and the remainder of the evening. The boat allows us to be together much more than that. Maybe it's weird that we're still passionate about each other, still desirous of our private time? If so, I like being weird - long may it last! When we are with cruising friends, I miss him. I admit to jealously guarding our cruising time, it is so precious to me. We have no commitments to anyone else, no deadlines, no destination that must be reached.It's taken 5 years of cruising for us to have learned that sticking to an itinerary with a destination set in stone introduces a pressure that we don't want and introduces a note of disharmony into our relationship. It's not why we boat. We boat to stop when we want, where we want. If we like a town, village, or fellow boaters, we don't want to be under pressure to have to move on.