June 18th, 2004

knitting sketch


We're not going to make our rendevous with jennylye at the weekend at Parais le Monial. The weather broke this morning with a small storm and it's been raining ever since. We're in no rush as we're probably going to be on this canal until the end of July. Instead of going back to PdV, the boat will definitely come out here to have her bottom blacked (no, not some kinky, deviant narrowboater 'fetish', it's a protective coating of tar that goes on every two or three years to help slow down corrosion.) We're still waiting for an estimate on the cost of a sea toilet and MWNN wants a 'taff rail' fitted to the stern deck - a safety rail to prevent falling off when manoevering, also useful for hanging ropes on to prevent humans and canine slipping or tangling in them when they're on the deck.

Wendy's just arrived clutching a large baguette and a goat's cheese from her neighbour's farm and I must go. I need a shower. Haven't had one since Santenay because there hasn't been a water point since Chagny. Just done the basin wash and foot soak to conserve water. We're moored across the basin from the facilities here and have our electrics connected across the water and over the working peniche moored opposite us. I should have used the boatyard's shower yesterday but was too busy until sundown. And on that piece of TMI, I'll leave you until the next internet access.