June 3rd, 2004

knitting sketch

Flaming June?

We're cruising again. Me with the foot strapped and bound and crammed into the Stonefly boot that saved it from being broken. We're cruising in the kind of weather MWNN thought he'd left behind when we shipped the boat to France. It's grey, threatening rain and bitterly cold. We've stashed supplies of coal aboard - just in case - but MWNN has forbidden me to light the stove because we've used a different fire clay on it, and aren't sure that it's up to the temperatures the boat stove generates. It's the stuff used on domestic boilers which don't get up to the temperatures of this old cast iron Torgem. MWNN has fears that the thing might explode and we're on a stretch of the Soane where there's nowhere to land for another 5 hours.

bogwitch - I'm writing again. Forced inactivity and a trip to the internet connection in Pont de Vaux provided the inspiration I needed to get Chapter 9 underway at last. A comment from a reader on fanfic net also gave the germ of the idea that, hopefully, will see Family back on track with the Series - Dark Wes.

Until the next Internet Café - a bientot mes amis.
meallanmouse - hope you got my card requesting an update of your news.

willowfae - excpect correspondence via Harry

irishnoodles - commiserations on your loss. Hope you gave Paddy the wake he deserved, with lots of mice - I hear dormice are edible.

soulvamp - shame on you! A poem to the wanton folly of your dear old Mum indeed!