May 4th, 2004

knitting sketch

Such a cybercafe junkie

Here I am in the new town of Avignon (14th Century). I've just had the most wonderful meal at a tiny little restaurant where the patè de fois made the loss of access to all our French money via ATM machines fade into insignificance. What is the first thing I spy coming out of La Poste, where I have just posted yesterday's log to irishnoodles? This cyber espace tucked away in the corner of the square.

MWNN booked the gite at Avignon for a week so that we could do this region before it got too hot. (narrowboat+Rhone=non-mixey) Too hot? The mistral is keeping the temperatures in single figures and killer terrier is threatening me with the RSPCA if he has to sleep on that terracotta-tiled floor one more night.

bogwitch I'm relying on you communicating with irishnoodles to keep me informed of the fate of JM and the rest of the AtS crew, via your LJ.

Haven't time to catch up on all my LJ friends, this is costing an arm and a leg and we are somewhat strapped for reddies. A bientot all from the cold, grey, windy Bouches de Rhone.