April 26th, 2004

pissed off

Technology Technology Oh how I hate you

let me count the ways.

Today - bought new flash card reader for laptop. Man in shop assured me it was compatible with XP. Took it home, plugged it in - fatal error message blue screen. It killed my laptop.

Phoned shop. Bring it back, they said. We'll change it for one that's more compatible.

The shop is in the next town, seven miles away, so took no chances. Took laptop with me. All card readers in shop produced same error message. Much sucking of teeth. It must be your USB ports. They're faulty. Take it back to Dell.

I'm leaving for a three month trip tomorrow and am now panicking that my laptop is dead. Phoned Dell. The lovely Irish boy, Justin, took me through the diagnostics which showed that all the bits and bobs were working just fine.

Solution? Haven't a bull's clue.

Oh and the set up the bluetooth and wi-fi on our new laptop request from MWNN? It just requires a PhD in alien geek. So he can just bog off. I'm taking my new laptop away to use it for the sole reason I bought it - to watch DVDs, continue writing my fic. and design my new personal website.

We're off tomorrow, crack of dawn and will be gone for three months. irishnoodles will update for me and I'll be checking in on all of my LJ friends from time to time at an cybercafe that I happen upon. Until August then.

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