April 25th, 2004

cruising log

So knackered

Trying to fit 10 days worth of Spring cleaning into 4 has frazzled my brain. I tried to install the camera card reader on the laptop yesterday. This was originally installed under Win '98 on The Beast. When I upgraded to Win XP, I seem to recall downloading a patch. Of course, I'd forgotten all about that and so when The Spawn told me I was about to make a serious error installing the card reader drivers, I ignored it.

Result? The thing froze. Wouldn't re-boot, wouldn't even switch off. I had to remove the battery to close it down. So, problem - one card reader - no drivers.

It took the walk with MWNN for the penny to drop that the Jessops card reader is only £9 so why bother searching for drivers for the old one when a new one is the fastest way forward?

Like I said - Spring cleaning + tired me = non-functioning brain.

Have sorted out the posting of the cruising log with irishnoodles. Her webmail doesn't put the dreaded blank word at the beginning of the entry. This is my new cruising log icon. Little Killer Terrier watching the world sailing slowly past the front deck.
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knitting sketch

WIP - boat - non-mixey things

Have just printed the first 8 chapters of Family to take with me to France. Was fully intending to continue writing while I was there and finishing it off. A quick re-read revealed the uneven quality of writing and the fact that I seem to have lost the gains made with chapters 4-6 in the later ones.

Will lack of Internet access and support from LJ land result in mistakes? Am I making a rod for my own back?

Shall I take this icon and use him as my mascot to inspire me to finish writing?

Is anyone reading it?

Should I finish just to satisfy myself that I can actually do it?

This has been brought to you courtesy of Procrastinators' Anonymous,

or possibly Shameless Pimpers' Inc.
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