April 21st, 2004

knitting sketch

They think it's all over

It is now.

Yesterday I said the assignment was finished.

I lied. Well, not lied exactly, more exaggerated. I didn't upload it to my tutor, having decided to let it percolate overnight. I re-read it this morning and decided I must have been dreaming when I wrote part 3. My answer bore no relation at all to the topic set - I'd written on a totally different topic. Minor panic ensued but I re-wrote it focusing on what I believe to be the topic set.

I've decided not to worry about it any more, to spend no more time on it and send it off tomorrow after a final spell-and-grammar-check.

The wonderful bogwitch sent me some AtS episodes which arrived this morning and I now have to go and check that the codec works on the laptop before I pack them away for the trip. That's all I'll do, just check the program.



Is that the time? Dinner beckons.
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knitting sketch

I can post via email

BlankDoes anyone know how to set the comments' default to 'none'?

And how do I get rid of the word blank appearing at the beginning of each entry made via email?