April 6th, 2004

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Off-line goings-on.

My absence from LJ land was caused by two things:

1/ The return of the I've-just-gone-five-rounds-with-Mike-Tyson virus. Oh, yeah, the antibiotics killed the chest infection but the virus was there, lurking. Spent Sunday and yesterday in bed but was considerably cheered by the arrival of Season 7 BtVS DVDs from Amazon.

2/ The arrival of the new laptop on Friday.

Unpacked it, plugged it in - NOTHING
Checked the power adapter, re-read the setup leaflet, followed instructions - STILL NOTHING

Logged on using the PC, went to the tech. help pages, typed in the security code on the back of the laptop - Message: cannot find this code

Phone Dell's Tech support desk, was taken back to TotKat's tales of her early training on help desk at Imperial -
Is the power adapter working? (i.e. Have you plugged it in, you moron?)

Panicked, a lot, when the nice Irish girl at the end of the phone finally said Switch it off, unplug it, unscrew the panel in the bottom of the machine and I'll call you back to take you through what to do next.

Waited until the promised time of return call - PHONE DIDN'T RING

Unscrewed the panel, re-seated the mother board, put it back together again, plugged it in, et voila - We have lift-off (well boot-up, anyway)

So, it seems, the insides become jiggled loose during transit. A bit like the insides of my head with this virus.

Must get on with some coursework. Catch you all later.

bogwitch I don't know if I'm going to be well enough to travel to Plan A: the pub we can't remember the name of, in the village outside Hemel whose name escapes us.

ETA Who do we pester to make sure that JM gets to be Harry Eric Dresden in the pilot of the Dresden Files?
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