March 31st, 2004

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I'm quite easy to please.

1/ TotKat is wonderful - no, really, she is.

I'd grumbled on and on at her about getting the domaine she hosts pointing at the webspace where I've uploaded my old school's Past Pupils' Association site and away from the free MSN site. She phoned earlier today to tell me that she's just paid for its hosting for a year because she couldn't resolve the problem any other way. Mind you, the details she sent me about uploading and setting emails and the like are written in alien geek so I'm not too sure about how to go about doing it. Suppose that answers the question I was talking over with MWNN about whether I was going to start a new OU course in November doesn't it? I really should do the second level Web Design that's on offer.

*sigh* Why do I agree to do all these things?

2/ Perhaps I should offer her the recordings of AtS?
TotKat admitted she hasn't been watching AtS because she never liked Angel. When I told her Spike was there this season, she said perhaps she might watch if Captain Peroxide's in it. There then followed her usual comments about acting my age when I said how hot he was last night on the 100th episode.

3/Thanks laurashalo for your card. At this rate, I'm going to have to remove my Spike calendar from the board to fit all the postcards on it.
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knitting sketch

Not a happy bunny

Tai Chi tonight was really hard going. I skipped a couple of the warm up exercises because they involved rotation of the lower back. And I wouldn't do the neck rolls either. I did the neck exercises advised by Gary the physio.

That was fine, because although the instructor noticed, he made no comment. But when we moved on in the form, to learning the next move, I complained that my back was hurting. I knew that he was of the no pain, no gain school of thought but didn't appreciate being told that it was a different pain to the one that meant I was doing further damage to my back. I've been with Gary since I put my neck out in 1991. He's a sports' injury physio. and when he says don't push through the pain, you'll do more harm than good, I tend to believe him.

I think R got the message when I moved straight into the end breathing exercises without practicing the new move. He asked me if I was all right, and even promised to look for a DVD of the long form that I could buy to take away with me to France. He'd resisted that, again because he believes learning from video is bad. I think I may have persuaded him that I don't intend to learn anything new from it but need one as an aide memoire.

I haven't decided if I'm going to stick with this class, after the disagreement this evening. My instinct tells me to quit and find a class that fits more with my needs. Trouble is, there's only one other class in the area that allows students to pay per lesson they attend. The third class is run on a termly basis, which means if you miss a class, you lose money.
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