March 7th, 2004

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First off, thanks to jennylyle for the parcel from Oz. Should have thanked you
earlier, but with the blues striking on the return from France, I forgot my manners. Bad

Secondly, as part of calliopes_board writer's workshop optional excercise,
I copied the opening pages from Pratchett's Guards Guards. It's one of my favourite
books because of this opening. This is for you witch_wolf, the
Discworld book you should have started with - I'm not surprised you found getting
into The Colour of Magic slow going. Read this and tell me it doesn't put you in mind
of our favourite blond vamp's return to Sunnydale in Lover's Walk.
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ETA Rumours of Sky 1's possible interest in acquiring Season 6 of AtS has raised my hopes again. A case of Not waving but drowning, anyone?

Does anyone understand this trusted friends thing?
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knitting sketch

The Rodin Museum

Forgot all about this when I posted about the day of Museum visits (Sunday 29th February). After the Consciergerie and Petit Chapel, we had lunch in Angelina's, which advertises itself as a Restaurant Salon de The Instead of desert with our late lunch, we had patisserie, with proper English tea (leaves, not bags) in a teapot. This must be the first place in Paris where I haven't had to teach the staff how to make the tea.
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MWNN leaving Angelina's stuffed full patisserie.

Then it was on to the Rodin Museum, which was an eye-opener, to say the least. I experienced the same sort of surprise at seeing Collapse )the famous Kiss that I got when I first saw Blake's paintings. With Blake, I was expecting BIG canvasses, the smallest print I'd ever seen was A4. What Blake did was small, very small - he was an engraver, an illustrator for his books. With the Rodin, I expected the smoothness of a bronze, the chisel marks on the stone took me completely by surprise. His bronze working studies are very fine, but I was more impressed by the woman (I'll remember her name in a minute - Camille Claudel) who did the Waltz, the Wave, and Maturity, than anything of Rodin's. Camille Claudel's work