February 26th, 2004


Now THAT'S what I call service.

DVD player: Date ordered - 24th Feb. Method of delivery - free 3-5 days: Date dispatched - 25th Feb: ETA - March 1: Date arrived - 26th Feb. 8am.

All set up and ready to roll by 8.30am.

God Bless Amazon.co.uk
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Whose bright idea was it

to go to the theatre for a Night with Gilbert and Sullivan the day before we kick off for France in the wee small hours?

Oh, yeah, right - mine. And just what was I thinking when I decided it would be great to book the pre-concert dinner? It's 3pm now and I have to finish the essay, iron and pack, make sarnies for tomorrow's journey, have a bath and all in time for a 6pm dinner slot in the theatre restaurant 20 minutes drive away.

What am I doing on line? Good question"! Still hoping estepeia will post the writers' workshop assignments before I head off, so's I can take them with me. (What on earth makes me think I'll have time to do any in Paris? Good place for writers, Paris, that's what! And - Anniversary Trip - am expecting much happiness to ensue, providing many more than 10 things that make me happy in one day. There will possibly be postcards for those LJ friends whose snail mail addy I have, but definitely pics of the trip.
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