February 24th, 2004

knitting sketch

It's that time of the year again

When the pooches get to be with their favourite sitter, meet with fellow pooches and generally have a whale of a time beating one another up in the snow.

We're off to Paris for the big Anniversary Bash.

It looked as though we were going to get snow again this year. It was forecast last night, but all we've had is persistent rain today. (Probably too cold for snow!)

I'm nowhere near ready to leave, even though I finished Chapter 8 of Family in record-quick time. (Sorry, bogwitch and onetwomany it was probably a little too quickly. Added a scene this afternoon that is missing from the end in your versions) and have started Chapter 9 already, put the finishing touches to the article about the Sybil Campbell study day for the next BFWG Bulletin and done the shopping for the rest of the week and the travelling goodies. But there is the ironing to be done, and where is the travel kettle and the English/French adapter? Or the travel alarm. Or more importantly, what do you get for the MWNN for the Anniversary Gift? He still hasn't bought the video camera he said he wanted for his birthday last October! Gah Anyone any ideas?

Update on the Memorial to the Work of Women in WWII. Westminster City Coucil sent the following e-mail to the President of the London Branch, BFWG:
Conditional planning permission to erect the memorial in Whitehall was granted in July 2003 subject to completion of a legal agreement to secure the associated highway works.

With regard to the project programme, I suggest that you should contact the architect Giles Quarme who acts for the applicant, The Memorial to the Women of World War II Fund.

So, not buried, just MIA. Legal Agreements = bureaucracy slowing down to 0 mph
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