February 17th, 2004

knitting sketch

I'm such a dork!

Finally got my upgraded Power DVD to work this a.m. Was just about to go on to Cyberlink's site and complain again about it not working when I decided to do just one more check in properties. I had left the run in Win '98 compatible mode box checked. Little wonder it wouldn't run in XP eh?

Getting on with things today. Need to finish the silk purse for jennylyle before starting the design for Totkat's wedding one. (Middle name is anal - I can't start one thing before finishing another. I've started so I'll finish) I would have started the design sooner but she's still not sent a snippet of the material with which to match threads. She's told me it's purple, but that's no help. Is it blue purple or red purple? I asked. </i>Purple purple</i> was the reply. Hopefully, MWNN will return from meeting her in London on Thursday with required snippet. (I'm not holding my breath.)

Other news - finished the first tutorial assignment well in advance of the deadline and have started reading Susan Howach's The Heart Breaker. All this fanfic writing I've been doing recently has made me super-critical. The conversations between two complete strangers who have been brought together in the opening chapters by a really clumsy plot device do not ring true. Would you discuss the nature of a (recently deceased) friend's sexual orientation with a complete stranger to whom you've taken an instant dislike? Me neither.
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